Estimated sign, e-mark or e-symbol

This estimated sign, or e-mark can be seen on many pre-packed products in Europe. The symbol indicates that the pack is filled according to the European Directive 76/211/EEC (amended by 2007/45/EC. It certifies that the actual contents of the package comply with specified criteria for estimation:

  • the average quantity of product in a batch of prepackages shall not be less than the nominal quantity stated on the label;
  • the proportion of prepackages having a negative error greater than the tolerable negative error shall be sufficiently small for batches of prepackages to satisfy the requirements of the official reference test as specified in legislation;
  • no prepackage having a negative error greater than twice the tolerable negative error may bear the estimated sign.

The tolerable negative error is related to the nominal quantity and varies between 9% on prepackages nominally 50 g or mL or less, to 1.5% on packages nominally 1 kg or L or more.

Estimated 'e' symbol

The estimated sign looks like a lower-case “e” and its shape is precisely defined by an EU directive. This sign has been added to the Unicode list of characters, and is available in many fonts, including PackSymbol. It is character U+212E.

Why a font for packaging symbols?


Enlarge or reduce with no loss in image quality. Symbols will print at the maximum resolution of the printer or output device.

Easy to use

Type the symbol name and the OpenType font converts to a symbol. Change colour and size as simply as any regular font.


Entire set of packaging symbols in one single font file. No need to link or embed multiple image files — resulting in smaller artwork files.

Symbols for packaging contained in a single OpenType font. Type the symbol name and the text is automatically converted into the required image. Fontastic!